Kuala Lumpur, 20 November 2012 – Natural skincare meets medicinal technology in Novexpert, the groundbreaking anti-aging skin care brand from France. Everywhere, the growing number of allergy is now a concern and this has resulted in a demand for natural and effective hypoallergenic products. Recognizing this consumer trend, LiveLife International signed a distribution agreement with Laboratoires Novexpert, a highly respected skincare company to distribute its range in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The signing was witnessed by H.E. Madame Martine Dorance, the Ambassador of France to Malaysia.

Recent research shows that cosmetics applied on the skin penetrate all skin layers, all the way into blood and urines. The average adult, according to the National Geographic’s Green Guide, uses at least nine personal care products a day, which contain approximately 120 chemicals. It’s shocking that more than 100kg of cosmetic will be applied on our skin in a lifetime. Although one or two exposures to these chemicals are not likely to cause harm, a lifetime of exposure may do more harm than we realize and in many, this has led to sensitive skin.

Aileen Chan, Chief Executive Officer of LiveLife and a beauty industry veteran shared her reason for bringing in Novexpert, “A few years ago, I started developing sensitive skin and atopic eczema. It was a rather daunting task to find a skincare I could use as I had to experiment with different brands of skincare. In most cases, I had allergic reactions and ended up spending money on products that I was not able to use.  I now realized that the amount of chemicals that I have been applying to my skin has somewhat led to my sensitive skin and atopic eczema.  With Novexpert, I was pleasantly surprised that my skin did not react to it. I am delighted that I have finally found a brand that is not only suitable for my skin, but is technologically advanced, ultra effective and comes with an unbelievably great price.”

The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Novexpert, Cyrille Telinge was at the launch to explain the philosophy and to present this new generation of anti-aging skincare that is targeted at the modern techno-parano consumer who is afraid of chemicals yet wants medical quality and effective products that are also safe, natural and organic even when used over the long term.

Telinge explained, “Novexpert is developed by its team of French doctors who are recognised experts and researchers in the skincare industry. Given complete control, their brief was to develop, based only on scientific research without marketing or financial constraints, the most effective anti-aging formulations that will also be suitable for sensitive skin as well as safe for long term use. The result is 100% cosmeceutical formulations that deliver 100% cosmeceutical effects – an instantaneous healthy glow effect within 5 seconds, an immediate lifting effect within 5 minutes and a durable anti-wrinkle effect lasting 5 weeks.  The formulations also set a new standard by being uniquely 0% chemical – 0% preservatives, 0% essential oils, 0% propylene glycol etc. – and 100% hypoallergenic.”

Emerging studies recently revealed that microbes living on your skin, in your airways, and in your gut protect against inflammatory diseases and act like a natural protection.  The studies also suggest that the increase of inflammatory diseases, such as allergies, is due to a loss in biodiversity of people’s living environment and their commensal skin bacteria.  During the presentation, Telinge demonstrated that preservatives used in many skincare actually destroy the good bacteria on the skin. As a consequence of this, the skin becomes more sensitive and reactive as it has been completely stripped of its natural protection.

All formulations from the Novexpert Doctor line are Ecocert certified 100% natural origin. No chemical preservatives (0% chemical) are used in Novexpert.  Instead, Novexpert uses a natural system of preservation which makes the brand so unique, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and certified 100% hypoallergenic. This innovative brand which combines ultra effectiveness and high tolerance with safety, has already garnered 11 awards within 3 years since its launch in Europe.

Priced from RM99 to RM319, the Novexpert anti-aging range is exclusively available at selected pharmacies nationwide and online at www.plincco.com, www.lazada.com.my, www.11street.my, www.gemfive.com.my and www.hishop.my


About Laboratoires Novexpert

Founded in 1998, Laboratoires Novexpert formulates and manufactures for large cosmetic and pharmaceutical groups, as well as luxury and organic brands. The team, comprising of former scientific directors from different pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups and experts in dermatology, biology and herbal medicine, is known and recognized for the quality of its discoveries and exemplary ethics. Its core focus is to create innovative and high technological products. In 2008, the laboratory launched its own brand and since then has garnered 11 awards in Europe.