Kuala Lumpur, Oct 2017 – Those looking for a natural boost of nitrates will be happy to know that the sports drink responsible for helping to power-up the perfomances of athletes like Olympic runner Eliud Kipchoge and leading EPL teams Manchester City, Totenham Hotspur and Leicester City are now in our Malaysian shores.

Beet It Sport – a concentrated beetroot juice with guaranteed nitrate to improve the performance of athletes is now available at leading pharmacies and online retailers in Malaysia.

A product from the United Kingdom, Beet It Sport is a drink regularly supplied to a number of leading international athletes, teams and sports organisations for consumption to improve stamina, strength, endurance and recovery. Eliud Kipchoge (Olympic Champion and current marathon world record holder), Geoffrey Kamworor (Champion, New York City Marathon 2017) and Abdi Nageeye (Champion, Amsterdam Marathon 2017) of the NN Running Team; Manchester City FC, Totenham Hotspur FC, Leicester City FC, Newcastle United FC, AS Monaco, SL Benfica, New Zealand All Blacks are among athletes and teams regularly supplied with the concentrated beet juice.

Each bottle of Beet It Sport contains 100% super concentrated beetroot juice with no added preservatives. Beetroot juice is naturally rich in a molecule called nitrate. When consumed, the nitrate from the beetroot juice is converted to nitrite by bacteria from the saliva on our tongue. The nitrite is then converted to nitric oxide in the stomach and blood stream. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator responsible for increasing blood flow, oxygenating muscles and accelerating muscle recovery. Vasodilators help to widen blood vessels to regulate blood pressure and blood flow.

LiveLife (M) Sdn Bhd, the distributors of the product in Malaysia is encouraged that Beet It Sport has been gaining popularity among Malaysians due to the expanding running, cycling, cross-fit community who are serious about their sport and looking to improve their performance. “Beet root juice is scientifically proven to improve stamina, strength, endurance and recovery” says Aileen Chan, CEO of LiveLife (M) Sdn Bhd.

“More Malaysians are becoming more conscious about their health and fitness. You can see this in the increasing number of locally organized sports events and the number of gyms sprouting up in the cities and townships. Those who participate in local marathons take their health and fitness seriously and participate in a few marathons every year.”

“The availability of Beet It Sport in Malaysia will be good news for the sports community as it will be a natural and safe way to boost nitrates to improve their performance” she enthused.

Beet It Sport was released into the market in late 2017 and since then LiveLife has received numerous enquiries from the sports community who came to know about the product’s availability via a mini social media campaign on Instagram and Facebook.

“It is also very encouraging to note that since the availability of the product in the market, we have received many enquiries from many cyclists, marathon runners, triathletes, obstacle course racers in particular” says Chan.

Apart from enhancing the performance of athletes, another major health benefit from drinking the concentrated beet juice is its ability to significantly help lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients and to promote better heart health.

According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey 2015, one in three (30%) or about 6.1 million people in Malaysia have hypertension and this is a worrying statistic. Beet It Sport will be a natural way to consider in lowering blood pressure in hypertensive patients. There have been numerous studies published on concentrated beetroot juice and it has been scientifically proven to be a safe and natural alternative to significantly lower blood pressure in hypertensive patients.