Novexpert is an award-winning skincare range, founded by highly recognized doctors, skincare specialists and researchers who specialize in ageing skin. These luxurious ranges boast 100% natural ingredients, 0% chemical preservatives, yet give dramatic, long lasting anti-ageing results.

New Generation of Natural Cosmeceutical Skincare

In November 2012, LiveLife International launches Novexpert®, a “doctor line” skincare that is created by a team of doctors and researchers specializing in skin aging from France that is 95-100% natural (0% chemical), safe and yet affordably priced.

The co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Novexpert, Cyrille Telinge was at the launch to explain the philosophy and to present this new generation of anti-aging skincare that is targeted at the modern techno-parano consumer who is afraid of chemicals yet wants medical quality and effective products that are also safe, natural and organic even when used over the long term.

Novexpert is developed by its team of French doctors who are recognised experts and researchers in the skincare industry. Given complete control, their brief was to develop, based only on scientific research without marketing or financial constraints, the most effective anti-aging formulations that will also be suitable for sensitive skin as well as safe for long term use. The result is 95% – 100% cosmeceutical formulations that deliver cosmeceutical effects – an instantaneous healthy glow effect within 5 seconds, an immediate lifting effect within 5 minutes and a durable anti-wrinkle effect lasting 5 weeks.

No chemical preservatives (0% chemical) are used in Novexpert. Instead, Novexpert uses a natural system of preservation which makes the brand so unique, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable and certified 100% hypoallergenic. This innovative brand which combines ultra-effectiveness and high tolerance with safety, has already garnered 11 awards within 3 years since its launch in Europe.

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