Beet juice has become a sensation in recent years thanks to its ability to boost endurance and strength in athletes, and to manage blood pressure for people of all ages. LiveLife has been appointed the distributor of Beet It, the best-selling beet root juice developed by James White Drinks, one of the leading fruit and vegetable juice firms in the UK.

Beet It is a world leader in beet juice, and Beet It Sport is the No.1 nitrate supplement in the world. Beet It Sport is the only brand that delivers a consistent and reliable dose of dietary nitrate – the key to athletic performance improvement. Each 70ml Beet It Sport Shot delivers 400mg of nitrate. Each Beet It Sport Bar delivers 200mg of nitrate.

That’s why Beet It Sport is the clinical standard, used independently in over 200 nutritional, medical and sports science institutes and universities in over 30 countries worldwide (UK, US, Australia, Canada, China, Africa, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, The Netherlands and many more). Its sports elite users include 100 professional sports teams worldwide.

Beet It Sport is Informed Choice registered “trusted by many pro sport teams and Olympic medallists” as the No. 1 natural nitrate supplement for improving sports performance. Beet It Sport is suitable for athletes in any sport looking for a competitive edge and for anyone looking to better manage blood pressure.

How does beet concentrate delivers power?

Beetroot juice is naturally rich in a molecule called nitrate (NO3). Nitrate is converted to nitrite (NO2) by bacteria in saliva on the tongue. Nitrite is then converted to nitric oxide (NO) in the stomach and blood stream. Nitric oxide is a vasodilator responsible for:

  • Opening blood vessels
  • Boosting stamina & speeding reaction time
  • Increasing blood flow
  • Speeding recovery
  • Oxygenating the muscles
  • Reducing lactic acid build up

Beet It Sport is launching in Malaysia in September 2017, and will be available in pharmacy retail outlets across the country and on major online market places.

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