Petaling Jaya, 20 May 2014 – Brands promising solutions for hair-loss are aplenty, however not many can claim to have a clinically-tested and proven record, along with the expertise of a European pharmaceutical leader that’s over a century old! Making its debut in Malaysia, Tricovel is here to grant Malaysian men and women thicker, healthier and stronger hair.

Formulated to reduce hair loss while simultaneously improving hair structure, Tricovel was developed by Giuliani, an Italian pharmaceutical company founded in 1889 that is an established leader in anti-hair loss research. The company developed specific and patented active ingredients, and even Biogenina®, an innovative complex that protects and encourages the functionality of the hair-bulb cells, promoting hair growth and counteracting hair loss. Furthermore, clinical studies prove that Biogenina reduces hair loss while also giving strength and nourishment to hair, improving hair structure and prolonging hair life.

As a rule, about 80 to 100 hairs fall out every day. Temporary and/or excessive hair loss whereby more than 100 hairs per day fall out and are not replaced – commonly known as Telogen Effluvium – can be caused by physical and emotional stress such as childbirth and trauma, an inadequate diet, usage of certain drugs and habitual and environmental factors such as smoking, exposure to the sun and overuse of styling and heating products. A person suffering from temporary hair loss would require intervention. Giuliani’s Tricological Research developed Tricovel’s anti-hair loss range that works as a complete hair system to counteract hair loss.

Among the products available locally are vials, developed uniquely in different formulas for men and women. Tricovel Vials contain Biogenina and use the innovative and exclusive Triactive3® Technology that releases a triple concentration of active ingredients when applied onto the scalp, allowing a gradual release over 3 days and penetrating deep into the hair follicle so that it isn’t removed by following washes. Unlike many hair products that leave a greasy residue that seems to sit on the surface of the skin without getting absorbed, Tricovel’s ‘suitable for all hair types’-formula doesn’t limp or weigh hair down as it is non-greasy and dries quickly. Best of all, Tricovel’s effectiveness conveniently requires only a single vial application once every three days thanks to the built-in gradual release technology.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical study with 90 subjects suffering from Telogen Effluvium was conducted in Italy over a 3-month period. Within the study, 3 hair tests were carried out: the ‘Wash test’ monitoring hair loss during hair wash; the ‘Pull test’ that tested hair’s resistance to traction; and the Tricogram which measured hair shaft diameter, and number of hairs in the active growth phase of hair follicles (known as the anagen phase) whereby the root of the hair is dividing rapidly, adding to the hair shaft. With a once in 3-days application, subjects of the study showed an impressive mean result including an astounding 63 percent reduction of hair loss, with an increased hair strength of 80 percent and a whopping 87 percent of patients with fuller-bodied hair.

The Fortifying Shampoo can be used in complement with the vials, as it contains not only Biogenina but also additional nutrients including wheat proteins, silk amino acids and Pro-vitamin B5 that act as a scalp antioxidant. These active ingredients nourish, hydrate and repair hair fibers while also protecting from chemical and styling stresses (such as heated hair drying). Furthermore, the Triactive3® Technology in the shampoo enables Biogenina to resist rinsing. The shampoo has been dermatologically tested to be safe for daily usage.

Present at the Kuala Lumpur launch of Tricovel was Ms. Chiara Marchese, International Sales & Marketing Director of principal company Giuliani S.p.A. based in Milan, Italy. Delivering her presentation titled “Tricovel: The Clinically Proven Anti-Hair Loss Innovation”, Chiara explained: “Tricovel vials are unique in terms of formulation thanks to Biogenina, the patented compound developed by Giuliani. Our product is proven effective against temporary hair loss backed by placebo-controlled clinical trials, and is also convenient thanks to the patented Triactive3® technology that with a progressive release of the actives requires only one application every 3 days. Tricovel shampoo with Biogenina with its delicate action, is the ideal complementary product to the treatment with the vials’”.

Officiating the event was Trade Promotion Attache at the Italian Embassy in Malaysia, Dr Andrea Ambra, who was escorted to the signing ceremony by Aileen Chan, CEO of LiveLife Sdn Bhd as distributor of Tricovel  in Malaysia.

Tricovel is priced at RM348 for vials packed in a month’s supply in box of 10, RM69 for the Fortifying Shampoo (200ml). Available at selected pharmacies as well as via