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Helping our Malaysian healthcare workers get the rest they need

Petaling Jaya, 14th April 2020 - Sleep is probably one of the most valued commodities for our healthcare workers now serving in our public healthcare facilities in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. Tiredness and a lack of sleep are among issues faced by our healthcare workers especially front [...]

Not a Sleeping Pill, but a Sleep Supplement

Global and local statistics show that health and socio-logical sleep-related issues are on the rise, such as drivers falling asleep at the wheel1 and an increase in obesity- and stress-related hormones in people of all ages. These issues also contribute to a rising annual national health care cost. Along [...]

Spreading Awareness While You Sleep!

Petaling Jaya, 16 March 2014 – Shoppers were caught by surprise when a ‘sleep mob’ gathered at a major shopping mall to take a public nap in the middle of a busy afternoon. Hosted by leading and best-selling brand of all-natural sleep supplement Rilax Zzz®, the event was held [...]

New Generation of 100% Natural Cosmeceutical Skincare by Laboratoires Novexpert

Finally, a high-tech anti-aging skincare that is safe to use is now available in Malaysia.  LiveLife International launches NOVEXPERT, a “doctor line” skincare that is created by a team of doctors and researchers specializing in skin aging from France that is 100% natural (0% chemical),  safe and yet affordably [...]