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Not a Sleeping Pill, but a Sleep Supplement

Global and local statistics show that health and socio-logical sleep-related issues are on the rise, such as drivers falling asleep at the wheel1 and an increase in obesity- and stress-related hormones in people of all ages. These issues also contribute to a rising annual national health care cost. Along [...]

Spreading Awareness While You Sleep!

Petaling Jaya, 16 March 2014 – Shoppers were caught by surprise when a ‘sleep mob’ gathered at a major shopping mall to take a public nap in the middle of a busy afternoon. Hosted by leading and best-selling brand of all-natural sleep supplement Rilax Zzz®, the event was held [...]

New Generation of 100% Natural Cosmeceutical Skincare by Laboratoires Novexpert

Finally, a high-tech anti-aging skincare that is safe to use is now available in Malaysia.  LiveLife International launches NOVEXPERT, a “doctor line” skincare that is created by a team of doctors and researchers specializing in skin aging from France that is 100% natural (0% chemical),  safe and yet affordably [...]

1000 packs of Rilax Zzz Giveaway for World Sleep Day 2012

Rilax Zzz, Malaysia’s leading natural sleep supplement, gave away 1000 packs of Rilax Zzz (worth a total of RM23,000), of which 200 packs was made exclusive to Malaysia Kini readers, during the month of March in celebration of World Sleep Day. World Sleep Day (WSD) which fell on 16 [...]