A new era in sound therapy is now here.

Designed for therapeutic purposes, Rinshu is a product that combines elegant software and hardware to create a new relaxing experience for the senses.

Created by Norihiko Hibino, a distinguished musician and composer, Rinshu was introduced to the world as a Total Sound Care System.

A saxophone player, graduate of human science from Osaka University, Japan and jazz composition from studying and Berklee College of Music, USA, Norihiko Hibino began exploring the therapeutic elements of music in 2009 when he founded Hibino Sound Therapy lab. His device app “Prescription for Sleep” released in 2010 was downloaded more than 450,000 times and was the most downloaded app on iTunes in Japan for a period in time.

Norihiko Hibino also founded Hikari Inc. to manufacture Rinshu. Aiming to be a light for the world and deliver love and hope to each customer, Hikari Inc. and its employees aim to provide relief for those who need light in their lives through their products and services, such as those under stress, with incurable illnesses, caregivers of the sick, and those suffering from depression or insomnia.

The gift of sound…

The music and sound generated by Rinshu, begins at the deck, the heart of the instrument. With a built-in transfuser that creates tiny non-visible vibrations, these vibrations affect the metal pin at the middle of the boat and are transmitted via the sails, similar to how a vinyl player picks up its sound from the pin.

The sails are slightly curved, as the tension in the sail allows for the sound to be amplified and travel further than sound normally would.

There is also a digital amp in the base of the sailboat that allows for the transmission of a digital signal of up to 80 kHz. The boat itself vibrates, emitting low frequencies that may not all be audible to the ear.

And finally, in the tablet comes the software and memory in the form of some pre-installed 200 songs. Composed and remastered specifically for therapeutic purposes, all songs were recorded in high definition 24-bit 96 kHz. With Wi-Fi connection, this library can be updated every three months.

Rinshu is made from the centre core of paulownia and hinoki (Japanese spruce wood) trees that are found only in Japan. With good resonance, the wood is known to be made into traditional Japanese musical instruments.

Working with skillful craftsman from Nigata, Japan, Rinshu is made by hand and only 10 complete pieces can be made every month.

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